Improver sets are designed with players of ABRSM Grade 2 – 4 level in mind.  Parts are more independent than in the easy-level sets, making greater demands in terms of counting skills and confidence.  More advanced players often find improver pieces appealing as sight-reading or ‘quick study’ performance material.

The pieces in these sets can be played one-to-a-part or by a larger group with several players to each part.  The arrangements tend to be semi-flexible – useful for school and community groups where the personnel/instrument combination keeps changing.

3-part: 1 Flute; 2 Oboe/Flute; 3 Clarinet/Bassoon
3-part: 1 Flute; 2 Clarinet; 3 Clarinet/Bassoon
4-part: 1 Flute; 2 Oboe/Flute; 3 Clarinet; 4 Clarinet/Bassoon