Standard – EASY

Easy sets contain notes and technical challenges that are well within the range of ABRSM Grade 1 – 2 players.  Some contain parts that can be attempted by beginners with only 5 or 6 notes.

Counting is straightforward, with rhythm patterns often supported by the other parts.

Occasionally, more challenging rhythms occur, but only in tunes that are likely to be familiar to the players.

Individual parts are not particularly demanding, so that players can concentrate on the ensemble aspects of performance.

3-part: 1 Flute, 2 Flute/Oboe, 3 Clarinet/Bassoon

3-part: 1 Flute (Oboe), 2 Clarinet, 3 Clarinet/Bassoon

4-part: 1 Flute, 2 Flute/Oboe, 3 Clarinet, 4 Clarinet/Bassoon

4-part: 1 Oboe (Flute*), 2 Oboe, 3 Bassoon, 4 Bassoon

*Not ideal for balance, but playable by flute(s)!