PDF sheet music for small mixed woodwind ensembles


With the correct material, even early-stage woodwind players can enjoy and benefit from making music together.  However, it can be difficult to find ensemble pieces for a mixed woodwind group where parts are interesting but relatively straightforward for all players.  Woodwind Colours aims to provide music for a range of different combinations at easy, improver and intermediate level.

All the arrangements are by experienced woodwind teacher Catriona Melville-Mason.  They have been tried and tested by small family, school and late-learner ensembles.  Many of the pieces have been favourably received at competition festivals, music courses and school concerts.

Most Woodwind Colours sets include from 8 – 10 assorted short pieces which aim to exploit the character and tone colour of the specific woodwind instruments.

Easy and improver sets can be played one-to-a-part or by a larger group with several players to each part.  The arrangements tend to be semi-flexible – useful for school and community groups where the personnel/instrument combination keeps changing.

Intermediate sets are more likely to be played one-to-a-part and by specific instruments.

The sets are available as PDF downloads from the online shop, meaning they are available to play almost instantly.  Don’t forget to keep a back-up copy of your downloaded files!