Little Brown Jug

Little Brown Jug/Jimmy Crack Corn

for woodwind ensemble (including alto saxophones)

or small wind band

An arrangement of traditional favourites Little Brown Jug  and Jimmy Crack Corn intended for a woodwind group (including Alto Saxophones) or small school-style band of perhaps 12 – 25 players.

Hear some sample sections (YouTube video – opens in new window)


Essential parts

  • Part 1: Flute
  • Part 2: Flute/Oboe
  • Part 3: Clarinet/Soprano Saxophone/Trumpet in B-flat
  • Part 4: Low Clarinet/Easier Trumpet in B-flat (6 notes!)
  • Part 5: Alto Saxophone
  • Part 6: Bassoon  OR  Part 6:  Bass Clarinet in B-flat

2 or more players to each of these core parts recommended.

This set also includes a number of optional add-on parts for groups that include comparative beginners and/or common additional instruments, as follows:

  • Easier Flute/Oboe
  • Easier Alto Saxophone/Tenor Horn in E-flat
  • Easier Bassoon
  • Mini-Bassoon in F
  • Horn in F
  • Tenor Saxophone/Low B-flat Brass
  • Trombone (Bass Clef or B-flat Treble Clef)

Standard: IMPROVER

Core (numbered) parts are suited to an ensemble where the majority of the players are of ABRSM Grade 2 – 3 standard.

The download includes 3 PDF files:

  • Parts – a complete set of all the essential and optional add-on parts.
  • Scores – cover sheet; core score (transposing) – includes essential parts only; full score (concert pitch).
  • Useful Extras – how to find what you need; notes for Musical Directors; information on the piece.

Don’t forget to keep back-up copies of all three files for future reference.