Light Winds

Light Winds (5-part ensemble)


  • Part 1:  Flute
  • Part 2:  Oboe/Flute
  • Part 3:  Clarinet in B-flat
  • Part 4:  Clarinet in B-flat
  • Part 5:  Bassoon  (OR  Part 5:  Bass Clarinet in B-flat)


Keys, note ranges and technical challenges suited to players of ABRSM Grade 4 – 5 and above.  Requires confidence in sustaining an independent part, both in terms of notes and rhythms.

Generally, the challenge lies in fitting the parts together effectively to achieve a satisfying ensemble performance, rather than in the technical difficulty of individual parts.


  • Dance of the Hours (Ponchielli)
  • Contretanz (Mozart)
  • Don’t Know (CMM)
  • Heidenroslein (Schubert)
  • Mairi’s Wedding (Trad.)
  • Manhattan Beach (JP Sousa)
  • The Grand Old Duke of York (Trad.)
  • Marche Militaire (Schubert)

Hear some snippets (YouTube video – opens in new window)

The download includes three PDF files:

  • Score (transposing) and parts for each tune
  • Concert pitch scores for the complete set
  • Useful extras – cover sheet, contents list, information on the pieces

Depending on your particular circumstances, you may not wish to print out all the material – but do keep back-ups of all three files for reference or future use!