Five Play

Five-Play (5-part ensemble)


  • Part 1:  Flute
  • Part 2:  Oboe
  • Part 3:  Clarinet in B-flat
  • Part 4:  Clarinet in B-flat
  • Part 5:  Bassoon  OR  Part 5:  Bass Clarinet in B-flat


Keys, note ranges and technical challenges suited to players of ABRSM Grade 5 – 6 level or above.  Requires confidence in sustaining an independent part, which may include some tricky elements.


  • Thema Russo (Tchaikovsky)
  • Fughetta (JS Bach)
  • Polka in B-flat (Dvorak)
  • A Rather Susceptible Chancellor (Sullivan)
  • Yell Yell (Trad)
  • Soiree Polka (S Foster)
  • La Coquette (Kullak)
  • We’re Called Gondolieri (Sullivan)

The download includes three PDF files:

  • Scores (transposing) and parts for each tune
  • Concert pitch scores for the complete set
  • Useful extras – cover sheet, contents list, information on the pieces, Bass Clarinet alternatives to Part 5: Bassoon

From these, you can choose what to print out, depending on your particular circumstances.  Do keep back-ups of all three files for reference/future use – who knows, your bassoonist might break an arm two days before your concert, leaving you to summon up a bass clarinet player to fill in!