Can I make a back-up of my music?

Yes, backing up your download to CD-ROM or memory stick is definitely recommended.

Do I need any special software to view and print my music?

All Woodwind Colours music is presented as PDF files.  To view and print these, you will only require a copy of Adobe Reader (free) or Preview on a Mac.

We use a different combination of instruments.  Is it possible to have the parts adapted to suit our group?

Unfortunately not.  Items in the Woodwind Colours sets have been specifically chosen and carefully arranged to take into account the limitations of early-stage players on the particular woodwind instruments, in terms of key, range and technical fluency.  As such, they cannot simply be switched to an alternative instrument, without breaching the difficulty level criteria and perhaps also creating issues of balance.

At intermediate level, the arrangements aim to exploit the character and tone colour of the specific instruments so, again, substitute parts are not an option.

If you are seeking music for other combinations, keep checking back: more material will be appearing in due course.  Alternatively, contact us with details of what you are looking for – we can then let you know if and when something suitable becomes available.

My group is borderline – which standard of pieces would you recommend?

Playing in a small ensemble is a quite different skill from playing as a soloist so, generally, each player will need to be comfortable with the notes and rhythms in their individual part in order to fit these together effectively.  If in doubt, it is probably safer to opt for the easier level.

Within a set, some pieces will prove easier for one instrument and others for another.  Sometimes this is a side-effect of the semi-flexible scoring; at other times, it may be more to do with the strengths and weaknesses of the particular players.

You may also want to consider how you are intending to use the music – do you want to be able to enjoy playing and polishing it almost immediately, or are you looking for something more challenging to work on over time?